Meet the Oxyfiltre 5, 9 or 17EH

Suitable for Holiday homes or Principal residences.

The Oxyfiltre system is ultra compact and designed for very small areas of land.


Oxyfiltre 5

3000 ltr individual system is coupled with a 1.4m ² mini filter, this compact OXYFILTRE 5 ensures the treatment of waste water from throughout the house.
It can treat the domestic effluents of up to 5 people. Adjustable according to the number of inhabitants in residence, thanks to a potentiometer allowing it to regulate the cycles of oxygenation and re-circulation of the sludge according to the occupation of the house (variations of loads).


The micro-station OXYFILTRE 5 receives all the waste water grey and black (excluding rainwater).
The micro station works on the principle of forced oxygenation (activated sludge).
The effluent arrives in the activation cell where oxygenation promotes the development of aerobic bacteria.


This oxygenation is performed by a rotating turbine driven by an electric motor which sucks the sludge deposited at the bottom of the activation cell. It ensures a vigorous mixing of the effluent causing the oxygenation.
The treated effluent separates from most of its sludge in the clarifier, thus ensuring high-quality treatment yields.
After a period of vertical settling, the pretreated waters open into the 1.4m² compact filter.
The filter has a retention zone after filtration, which then allows a discharge either by the collection well (gravity outlet), by an integrated pump or by other available options (Irrigation Kit, Membrane Filtration ...)

Oxyfiltre 9EH

Approved under the number 2012-012, this individual waste water treatment plant can treat the domestic effluents of up to 9 people.

Oxyfiltre 17EH

Approved under the number 2012-012, this individual waste water treatment plant can treat the domestic effluents of up to 17 people.

Kit Irrigo. Re-use of water from microstations for irrigation.

The Irrigo is for impermeable soils. IRRIGO will use the plants: to consume a portion of the water by re-using it in underground irrigation of ornamental plants and / or hedges, to drain water by using plant roots to penetrate the soil.

Environment irrigation pressure kit Consists of:

 a "special irrigation": Powerful, stainless ....

a modulation of the flow and pressure – cut off in case of Lack of water or of low or very very high temperatures.

Diameter of 40 mm and a strainer with check valve.

Detection and control system Composed of four probes:

- A reference level - Low level: the pump station.

- High level: tripping the pump.

- An alarm level.

- Sensitivity and security module.

Re-using water Safely.

That highly modular system accommodates all topographical constraints.

Simple and fast installation.

No big earthwork. Economic solution. Water saving and ROI (return on investment of entre 1 and 2 years). Audible / visual alarms. No external pumping station.

The order of 7 September 2009 , validated 7 March 2012, came into force on 1 July 2012 and permits irrigation as a possible outlet method.

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