Meet the Compact'O

Compact'O Compact Filters

Our dedicated factory team of experienced professionals are always on the ball, utilizing the latest technology and best equipment to get the job done right.
To calculate the size of system required, apply 1EH per principal room.


Compact'O ST2

EH 4ST2, 5ST2, 6ST2, 8ST2, 10ST2, 12ST2, 16ST2

Compact'O ST

EH 4 to 6 only


Budget system to 5EH only


Compact Waste Water Package Plant
(Wind or solar power possible)
Semi Collectif  System for 18/24 - 24/36 - 36/48 EH

Fluidix Micro Station 1-6EH

New for 2018. Agreement number 2017-10.

one piece, ultra compact
Dimensions 3.20m x 1.15m x 1.83m - 2.03m.
Made from High-density  polyethylene (HDPE) and stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.
Strong but light, install it using a Mini digger
Collars are waterproof and can be cut, or without collars option. High entry and high exit (possible no pump required )
Energy consumption less than a 1kWh a day
reliable - without electronics, no control box to program and maintain.
Ready to install and put into service
Install in all conditions of ground can be buried, semi buried or above ground.
For dry soil or presence of a water table.
under green areas or roads
DIBT ( germany), guaranteed performance from 1 user

How they are made

The factory team has many years of experience and their skills are brought to the forefront in helping the Compact'O business grow and evolve.

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